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Our skid mounted integrated CNG standard filling station equipment has been developed successfully.

Time: 2021/07/14Visits:618

The company aims at developing a CNG integrated gas station for special users of urban land tension. It integrates the original intake buffer tanks, drying dehydration systems, compressors, gas storage facilities, recycling tanks, PLC control systems, air vending machines and sound proof rainproof shed, which can be integrated into sled and movable, to meet conventional gas filling stations. It is required that the operation of sound insulation and noise reduction is convenient and convenient for saving energy and reducing consumption. Its remarkable feature is that the area of the site is greatly reduced, the time for the site installation of the user is shortened (in the company has been partially debugged), and the transfer requirements of different gas stations can be realized, and the natural gas pressure loss can be reduced to reduce the relative running cost after the pipe distance is shortened. Low grade. The unit is a concrete manifestation of the company's efforts to increase technological innovation, and is the company's technological strength as an industry leader.